Elizabeth L. Morgan


Elizabeth L. Morgan (formerly Elizabeth Morgan Schurig) represents a wide array of clients faced with multi-jurisdictional tax, estate, and business planning issues. She is experienced in the design of complex estate and business plans for U.S., non-U.S., and dual-citizen clients, and in assisting such clients with their pre-immigration and expatriation tax planning. Ms. Morgan frequently advises clients on the resolution of international tax and treaty issues in connection with their estate and business planning, and serves as outside counsel to several high net worth family offices. She has formulated and administered estate and business plans for individuals and entities with ties to Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, China, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Germany, India, the Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. In addition to her expertise in the design, administration, and tax compliance of both inbound and outbound foreign trust and business structures, she has an extensive background in traditional probate, trust, and estate administration. A frequent author and speaker in the areas of domestic and international estate planning, asset protection, and foreign trust planning and tax compliance, Ms. Morgan has been quoted in various publications, including The Wallstreet Journal, Practical Accountant, Investments & Wealth Monitor, and Bloomberg Wealth Manager. She is a contributing author (since 1995) and co-editor (since 2000) of the four-volume treatise, Asset Protection: Domestic and International Law and Tactics (Thomson/West Group, updated quarterly). Her 2003 article, “A Charging Order is the Exclusive Remedy Against a Partnership Interest: Fact or Fiction?” was quoted in the Florida Supreme Court dissenting opinion in Olmstead v F.T.C., 44 So. 3d 76, Fla., 2010.

Brock Bales


Mr. Bales practices in the areas of domestic and international estate planning, asset protection, and entity formation and governance. He assists in the design and implementation of both traditional and sophisticated estate plans, including the drafting of wills, trusts, disability documents, and partnership and limited liability company agreements. Prior to joining the firm in 2019, Mr. Bales consulted for Black River, Ltd., an oil and gas appraisal firm in San Antonio, and served as of counsel for DunnSmith LLP in oil and gas fraud litigation. Between law school semesters, Mr. Bales clerked for the General Counsel of Liberty University and the General Counsel of Guidestone Financial Resources.

Jesse Wilhite

Associate Attorney

Mr. Wilhite practices in the areas of domestic and international estate planning, and entity formation. Mr. Wilhite holds a Juris Doctorate from the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law and a Master of Arts from St. John's College, and is licensed to practice in Florida and Texas. Prior to becoming an attorney, his varied career spanned product development, construction, management, and higher education.

Michele Roberts

Practice Manager

Ms. Roberts works primarily in the firm's international trust and estate planning practice, with an emphasis on the administration of foreign trust and entity structures. This work includes maintaining trust books and records, serving as a liaison between clients and their fiduciaries and investment professionals, ensuring that due diligence is completed appropriately, and assisting in the various U.S. tax compliance requirements for foreign trusts and entities. Ms. Roberts also assists in the implementation of the traditional domestic and international estate and disability planning. Her work involves the development, maintenance, and oversight of materials, systems, and processes to facilitate the understanding and administration of complex legal structures by clients and their other advisors. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Roberts worked 4 years in the banking industry and received her B.S. in interior design from the University of Texas in 1990. Ms. Roberts has been with the firm since 2004.

Cicely Perry


Ms. Perry assists with the firm’s domestic and international estate planning practice. This work includes supporting the firm’s international estate planning section by forming and administering foreign trusts, including gathering due diligence documentation, and managing administrative matters such as the payment of trust fees and expenses. In addition, Ms. Perry is responsible for forming and managing domestic entities, including the tracking and administration of tax reports and state filings, and interfacing with domestic and foreign governmental registrars and taxing authorities. She also assists with the drafting and finalization of domestic estate planning documents including wills, trusts, and a variety of ancillary documents. Ms. Perry holds a certification in legal assisting from the International Business College and has been with the firm since 2009.

Mike Morgan


Mr. Morgan primarily supports the firm's domestic and international tax practice. He is responsible for maintaining the account records and information and interfacing with the firm’s financial and investment service providers to ensure that the firm has complete and accurate records. In this regard, he plays an integral role in ensuring that tax reporting deadlines are met and that the firm’s tax related processes run smoothly. Mr. Morgan received his B.A. in Psychology from Baylor University in 1993 and has been with the firm since 2003.

Caitlin Haskett


Ms. Haskett assists the firm in the formation of companies, administering trusts, and in drafting various estate planning documents. She also aids in business development and the process of engaging new clients. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Haskett worked as a business analyst with a focus on regulatory compliance regarding international and domestic privacy law. She holds a degree in History with a minor in English from Texas A&M University.

Ismaray Urquia

Legal Assistant

Ms. Urquia serves as a Legal Assistant to Ms. Morgan, providing support in the domestic and international estate planning, probate, and entity formation sections of the firm. In this regard, she coordinates Ms. Morgan’s client meetings and appointments and supports the firm’s international estate planning section by forming and administering foreign trusts, including gathering due diligence documentation, and managing administrative matters. Ms. Urquia has an A.S. in Criminal Justice from Edison State College and a B.S. in Legal Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University. Ms. Urquia has been with the firm since 2014.

Clarice Luhm

Executive Assistant

Ms. Luhm serves as the Executive Assistant to Ms. Elizabeth Morgan, handling a wide variety of responsibilities including the coordination of Ms. Morgan’s speaking appearances and travel arrangements. Prior to joining the Firm, Ms. Luhm served as Assistant to the Chief State Court Judge for the State of Florida for 17 years and was a corporate travel agent in New York for 2 years. Ms. Luhm attended The University of Texas at Austin. Ms. Luhm has been with the firm since 2006.

Donna Morgan


Ms. Morgan is the Controller for the firm. She is responsible for the firm’s back office financial operations and employee management. In addition to preparing monthly reports, bank reconciliations, and client invoices, Ms. Morgan also coordinates the tracking and payment of all firm expenses, manages employee benefits, maintains employee relations, and is tasked with the recruiting and training of new professionals. Ms. Morgan has been with the firm since 2002.

Austen Copland

Marketing and Public Relations

Ms. Copland recently joined the firm to administer the firm’s social media platforms and to manage the development and dissemination of information about areas in which the firm specializes. Ms. Copland graduated with honors degrees in English literature and Scottish history from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland in 2017.

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